Mary Rosedale – A Tribute to Mary

Mary Rosedale was an awesome individual and RN. She has impacted many people throughout her life! If I had to come up with one word to describe Mary – it would be amazing! There are a number of words that make up why Mary was amazing:

Pioneer – Mary was the first RN involved in the ISEN Executive Committee. We were thrilled that the ISEN saw the importance of nurses in ECT. She originally developed two Nursing Practice Committees (one for ECT and one for TMS) that met monthly. The two merged into one Nursing Practice Committee.

Advocate – Mary was an advocate for patients. She identified the importance of the patient’s input in developing standards. Mary developed a Patient Advisory Committee. Carol Kivler is one member that presented today. Mary was also an advocate for Nurses. She encouraged nurses to practice to the capacity of their license. Mary presented at the FDA hearings on ECT devices and how patients’ lives improve considerably due to ECT treatments.

Encouragement – Mary had a unique ability to connect with people and to get them involved and excited about ECT and TMS. After talking with Mary, nurses would be encouraged and willing to go make a difference in their workplace and for their patients.

Passion – Mary had a real passion for brain stimulation, research, nurses, patients, and the ISEN – she loved the ISEN. Mary’s passion was exuberant! It was very visible! Mary wanted to do whatever she could to help people learn and grow and for patients to get better!

Educator – Mary was an Associate Professor at NYU working with Nurse Practitioners. She impacted many nurses! Mary worked with a group of nurses in the UK who developed an ECT Clinic that would be run by nurses.

Respect – Mary always was respectful of others. She always spoke with respect about everyone!

Laughter – Mary loved to laugh! Mary enjoyed life! Mary focused on life and would not be controlled by her disease.

Committed – Mary was deeply committed to the ISEN, nurses, patients, education among other things! Mary did a presentation for her students – from her wheelchair and did a wonderful job! Two days before Mary passed away, she emailed another RN and myself about our presentation for the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Smiles – Mary was always smiling no matter what she was going through. You could hear the smile in her voice when we talked on the phone.

Presenter – Mary presented at the ISEN annual meeting for 6-7 years in a row. She was the voice of nurses and patients. Nurses and members of the Patient Advisory Committee felt valued and respected by the ISEN when Mary presented. Mary also presented yearly at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference as well as a number of other places.

Researcher – Mary had been involved in brain stimulation research and nursing research. Research was a passion of Mary’s. She encouraged and was an advocate for her students and nurses to participate in it.

Leader – Mary led the Nursing Practice Committee and the Patient Advisory Committee. I spoke with the Executive Director of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) and he talked about the invitation he offered Mary to become a member of the Board and to lead the APNA. This organization has over 10,000 members. Nick talked about Mary’s vision, passion and her leadership ability. Mary was extremely well respected by a great number of people!

Role Model – Mary received the 2010 APNA Award for Excellence in Leadership – Advanced. This is a very prestigious award and Mary definitely deserved it!

Author – Mary wrote many articles for the APNA Journal and was on the Editing Team of the Journal of ECT.

Mentor – Mary was a mentor to many of us nurses in the Nursing Practice Committee as well as others she trained and encouraged. Mary educated many about brain stimulation. If people had questions – Mary was the one to go to.

Genuine – Mary loved people! When Mary said Hi to someone – they felt her genuine care and affection.

Friend – I was honored to work very closely with Mary for the past 6 years as the secretary of the ISEN Nursing Practice Committee. We talked many times and I feel very blessed to call Mary my friend. Mary was a friend to a number of you.

Mary had a lot of energy, passion and expertise. Mary did a lot! We will honor Mary by trying to carry on her work. Paula Bolton from McLean will be our Nursing Practice Committee’s secretary. It will take two of us, and we know we will not be able to fill Mary’s shoes. Tammy Cohen-Fetterman from NYU and I have humbly accepted the co-leader position of this group. We have been encouraged by the ISEN Executive Committee and want to thank them.

Mary – you have blessed so many of us!!! Thank you for being a part of our lives!!!

Donna Ecklesdafer, MSN, BSN, RN
Clinical Services Director – Nursing, Professional Practice Group
ECT and TMS Clinic Manager
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